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Photo History

The first titled After the Fire is from the early 1920s. The fire was 1919, and you can see most of the business district is gone, but the stone Town all now the Fire Department is standing. I believe it was built in the early 1920s.

Rockvale after a fire in the early 1920's

The second is after 1917, but may be before the 1919 fire. The Y has been built, but it looks like there are some businesses standing to the left of the Post Office, that burned in the 1919 fire. It was taken from the air shaft area.

Photo of Rockvale from the early 1990's

The third is taken from the hill above Dave Barnes house in the early 1990s. It shows some of the business district before the fire and along the creek the Powell homestead (Mr. Powell and his daughters ran the Post Office for something like 50 years) and Dave\'s house next to it. His house might have been part of the Powell property originally.

Rockvale Tipple Big Hill